DW Mobile

Convenient access to your data

DW Mobile is a web app designed to efficiently observe environmental conditions. You can view real-time data in list, overview, and map sections; and gain additional insights from tabular, glance, and chart displays. These features work together to deliver a dynamic data browsing experience, making it easier to access, navigate, and find the data you need.


List view provides a distraction-free visual snapshot of current conditions. Colors and icons help to visualize sensor activity and allow for quick identification of critical levels.


Data labels let you quickly see where the action is. Tap on a label to view data displays for the selected sensor. Multiple map type options include road, terrain, and satellite views. Several overlays are available including MRMS & NEXRAD Radar layers.


Overview provides a quick visual snapshot of current category conditions. View active alarms and significant levels for sites that are in selected categories.


Dynamic, animated, and interactive charts make browsing through data intuitive and natural. Interactive controls, such as pinch or drag to zoom, allow you to get a closer look, while tapping on a data point displays its date and time.


View the last report, site statistics, and more at a glance.

And More...

Clean & Modern

The distraction-free design and easy-to-use navigation allow you to focus on what matters most, your data.

Universal Design

Works on a myriad of different screen sizes. Crafted for consistency across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Updates Automatically

An all-new multi-threaded Core Data Retrieval System works in the background to keep the display up-to-date.


Stay informed about Alarms and Significant Levels, as well as the device power and network connection status. (Desktop and Android only)


The Application Shell Architecture and lightweight codebase allow for quick loading, even while on a slow internet connection.


Easily share via URL.


Add DW Mobile to your home screen for quick access and a more app-like experience.

Easy to use

Navigate with simple tap or click navigation.